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Behold a remarkable piece of Renaissance artisanship, this 16th-century Venetian brass acquasantiera, or holy water bucket, is a testament to the grandeur of Italian ecclesiastical objects.


The brass vessel is adorned with an elegant, serpentine handle, each end culminating in a finely detailed serpent head, a design characteristic of the period's symbolic artistry. The serpents, often symbolizing both sin and salvation, allude to the object’s sacred purpose.


The bucket features concentric, raised bands that encircle its robust form, showcasing the era's typical balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The patina of the brass, developed over centuries, enhances its contours, lending the piece a dignified aura of antiquity.


Crafted during a time when Venice was a nexus of commerce and art, this acquasantiera wou

ld have been a luxurious addition to a church or chapel, serving as a vessel for holy water used in liturgical rites. Its craftsmanship is not only an embodiment of religious devotion but also a reflection of the opulent tastes of the period.


***16th Century is based on in depth research but can not be 100% positive***

16th Century Italian Venetian Brass Holy Water Bucket or Italian Brass Planter

  • Measurements

    4" H to 8" H with handle x 6.5" Diameter

  • Condition

    Moderate to good, patina and wear throughout this piece from being used over the centuries. A small crack on one of the sides (refer to pictures)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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