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What Our Customers Say
Austyn Marie Design was born out of the simple idea to offer great products and fantastic customer service. We take pride in our dedication to our customers, and are thrilled to present some of our clients’ feedback below.
Five Stars

Amazing piece of art! Wonderful to work with.

Five Stars

A simply stunning sculpture, and an exquisite addition to my flat! I am still contemplating her location, but she deserves the spotlight for now. Also, many thanks to Austyn Marie design for super quick shipping and it was packaged superbly! 

Five Stars

Nice old item, well cared for and beautiful. I feel lucky that I found this and it is now at home in my home. It will be cherished for years. What a great find from a great shop. Austyn communicated quickly and was so pleasant. It was like buying from an old friend! I hope to find more treasures in her shop!

Antique Volumes

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