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Transport yourself back in time with this set of 3 vintage European paperback books, sourced from a French estate sale. With their original covers and text in pristine condition, making them perfect for decor books, coffee table books, or accent pieces in any room!

Adding character to any space, these French paperback books showcase the history and literature of another era, transporting you to a world of romance, culture, and adventure!

Whether you're a book lover or simply in search of unique decor pieces, this set of 3 vintage French paperback books is perfect for you. Order now and add a touch of wit, energy, and sophistication to your home today!

Vintage European Paperback Books - Set of 3 Beautiful Vintage Accent Books

  • Measurements

    9.5" H x 6.9" W x .75" D (Bank 7 Frankfurter...)
    9.5" H x 6.9" W x .75" D (Medioevo Canonicale)
    10" H x 7" W x .75" D (Atto of Vercelli)

  • Condition

     Good, there is fading in the colors but overall the spine and pages are in great shape (see pictures)

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