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Oil on board


Signed by artist


Indulge in the timeless beauty of this exquisite antique still life oil painting, meticulously depicting a woven picnic basket brimming with an abundant assortment of luscious plums and succulent grapes. This captivating artwork effortlessly transports you to a tranquil and nostalgic scene, where the essence of nature's bounty is tastefully captured on canvas.


The artist's masterful brushstrokes effortlessly blend muted, soft, and darker tones, creating a harmonious interplay of colors that adds depth and richness to the composition. With each stroke, the texture and details of the woven basket come to life, as if you could reach out and feel its delicate texture beneath your fingertips.


Notably, on the right side of the painting, delicate flowers gracefully intertwine, enhancing the feminine allure of this piece. Their subtle presence exudes a gentle charm, offering a delicate contrast to the vibrant fruits, and infusing the artwork with a touch of softness and grace.


Whether displayed in a cozy kitchen nook or an elegant dining room, this remarkable artwork is certain to evoke a sense of nostalgia, sophistication, and awe among art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

SIGNED Antique Still Life Oil Painting In Ornate Frame

  • Measurements

    24" W x 18" H

  • Condition

    Very good, minor age-related wear to the painting and frame. (refer to pictures)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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