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Nicolas Lancret (1690-1743), a pupil of Gillot and a follower of Watteau, was a celebrated member of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. His works are synonymous with the fête galante genre, a term coined for paintings that depict the outdoor amusements of French high society. These prints offer a window into Lancret's world, where every brushstroke tells a story of leisure and luxury.


Experience the grace of the Régence period with this captivating pair of vintage reproduction prints, drawing inspiration from the esteemed French artist Nicolas Lancret. These pastoral scenes are a homage to Lancret's artistry, reflecting the leisurely pursuits and festivities of 18th-century French nobility. Each print is a masterful recreation, alive with the festive spirit and bucolic charm that Lancret's paintings are celebrated for.


The prints are mounted on robust board, chosen to preserve the quality and detail of the artwork. They are encased in heavy, ornate frames that are artworks in themselves, featuring elaborate scrolled and leaf motifs characteristic of the rococo style. The gilt finish on these frames adds a sumptuous touch, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship and providing a grandeur that befits the era they represent.


Nicolas Lancret's legacy as a master of the fête galante genre is evident in these scenes. His paintings were a testament to the era's penchant for outdoor festivities, capturing the essence of aristocratic life with charm and detail. These prints encapsulate that same elegance, offering an accessible piece of art history that resonates with the sophistication of the original works.


Beyond their aesthetic value, these prints are a testament to the historical narrative of French art. They stand as a tribute to Lancret’s vision, inviting admiration and discussion from art enthusiasts and collectors alike. The heavy, ornate frames ensure these pieces command attention in any setting, perfect for those seeking to add a touch of historical elegance to their environment.

Nicolas Lancret Pastoral Scene Reproduction Prints in Ornate Gilded Frames

  • Measurements

    8"W x 10"H

  • Condition

    Very good, one of the prints has moved slightly but can only be noticed under closer inspection. (refer to photos)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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