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Presenting a distinguished piece from Gibson & Sons, Ltd., this "Victoria" black enamel pitcher epitomizes the grandeur of the Victorian era. Crafted circa 1870, it showcases the period's penchant for opulence with its sumptuous gold accents and meticulous enamel floral motifs.


Gibson & Sons, a notable English pottery firm, was renowned for quality and design excellence, as exhibited in this pitcher. The body's radiant black glaze provides a dramatic backdrop for the hand-painted daisies, each petal and leaf accented with gilded highlights, a hallmark of the era's decorative arts.


Collectors will appreciate the historical significance and the artistry of this piece. While not without signs of its past, this pitcher remains a stunning example of 19th-century craftsmanship, ready to grace modern collections with its enduring charm.

Gibson & Sons, Ltd. "Victoria" Black Enamel Pitcher Ornate Floral Gilded Design

  • Measurements

    9" H

    4.25" Diameter

  • Condition

    This Gibson & Sons "Victoria" pitcher maintains its structural integrity and decorative appeal, despite signs of age. The base displays chips within the lacquer, and the surface bears scratches from years of adoration. The hand-painted floral details show various chips, lending a storied texture to the piece. These conditions are consistent with its historical use and do not diminish its collectible value or decorative potential. (refer to photos)

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