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Presenting a stunning pair of sterling silver salt cellars, meticulously crafted during the Victorian period and hallmarked for Sheffield, 1898.


The design features regal lion head embellishments, a classic motif of the era, symbolic of nobility and strength. Each cellar stands on three robust feet, further accentuated by floral and scroll detailing that encapsulates the ornate Victorian aesthetic.

Exquisite Pair of Antique Sterling Silver Salt Cellars

  • Measurements

    2.75” Diameter x 1.6” Height

  • Condition


    The condition of the salt cellars appears to be very good for their age, with a well-maintained silver patina indicating gentle use and care over the years. The relief work and figural motifs remain crisp and well-defined, with minor surface scratches and slight indentations consistent with gentle use and handling. There are no immediately visible signs of repairs or significant damage, suggesting that the pieces have retained their structural integrity.

    The hallmarks are clearly legible, signifying the silver quality and authenticity. The interiors show some tarnish spots, which is common in antique silver pieces and can often be professionally cleaned if desired. Overall, these Victorian-era pieces present a remarkable opportunity for collectors and connoisseurs of fine silverware.

    (refer to photos)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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