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This exquisite pair of red terracotta pots is a quintessential representation of English Prattware, dating back to the 1860s. These pots feature the characteristic underglaze transferware technique that Prattware is renowned for, presenting a vivid hunting scene that captures the dynamism and narrative detail favored in Victorian times.


Crafted during the height of the Prattware popularity, each pot showcases a blend of rich red terracotta background with contrasting green detailed imagery, a hallmark of the Pratt family's innovative coloring methods. The scenes depicted are bustling with activity, likely inspired by the romanticized view of rural life prevalent during the era.


Prattware was a product of the Industrial Revolution, which brought about advances in pottery manufacturing, allowing for mass production while still maintaining artistic detail. This set would have been used as a decorative item in a Victorian home, reflecting the owner's taste and social status.


Today, these pieces stand not only as decorative antiques but also as historical artifacts that reflect the technological and social changes of the 19th-century England. This pair would be a distinguished addition to any antique collection or a stunning accent in a heritage-inspired interior. Their condition is consistent with their age and history, having been preserved with great care, retaining the vibrancy of the colors and the clarity of the imagery.

Circa 1860s English Prattware Pottery: Red Terracotta Transferware Hunting Scene

  • Measurements

    4.5" H x 2.5" Diameter

  • Condition

    Good, minor imperfections. One of them has a scratch going across that isn't visible unless under close inspection or in the sunlight. (refer to pictures)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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