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Step back into the elegance of yesteryear with this exquisite pair of Neoclassical style busts. Crafted with attention to historical detail, these pieces are believed to be made of a resin composite, offering the durability and finesse of modern materials, though the exact composition is not definitively known.


The first bust captures the sophistication of a young woman, her coiffure indicative of the high fashion of the Neoclassical era. Her counterpart is a serene and youthful figure, possibly a muse or a character plucked from the rich tapestry of classical mythology. The designs bear the hallmarks of European artistic influence, with echoes of French or Italian sculptural traditions.


These reproductions are a homage to the Neoclassical period, widely celebrated for its artistic grandeur. They provide a tangible connection to the past while being versatile enough for modern decor. Ideal for those who value the classical aesthetic but also appreciate the benefits of contemporary artisanship.


Set upon complementary plinths, the busts are poised for display. Whether featured in a formal entryway, an elegant living room, or a scholarly private office, they are sure to evoke admiration and conversation.


Measuring approximately 12-13 inches in height, these busts have a commanding presence. The material is sturdy, with a slight sheen that might suggest a resin composite, though without certainty due to the absence of material verification. They show some natural variations that lend a unique character to each figure. We welcome inquiries for further imagery and details.


Embrace the timeless allure of Neoclassical art with these charming busts. They stand as a tribute to historical beauty, perfect for both new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts looking to add a note of classical sophistication to their contemporary spaces.

Charming 18th Century French Style Busts

PriceFrom $150.00