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Delve into the rich tapestry of classical mythology with this exquisite solid brass drinking fountain, artfully crafted to embody Bacchus (also known as Dionysus), the Greco-Roman god of wine, fertility, and revelry. This vintage piece serves not just as a functional spout but as a celebration of antiquity and the enduring legacy of Bacchic festivities.


The face of Bacchus is masterfully depicted with a jovial expression, festooned with grapes and vine leaves, which are the traditional symbols associated with the god of viticulture and grape harvest. The lustrous patina on the brass accents the intricate details, from the curling locks of hair to the lively eyes, capturing the essence of the deity’s indulgent spirit.


This wall-mounted treasure is a throwback to ancient Roman villas and Greek symposiums where wine flowed freely, adding a touch of historical elegance to any modern home. It’s not merely a decorative artifact; it’s a piece of history, reflecting the opulent decor of the past. Whether affixed to a garden wall, adorning a private wine cellar, or gracing an eclectic living space, this Bacchus fountain spout is sure to spark conversations and admiration.


The spout is designed for easy installation, complete with a threaded back for secure mounting and a smooth, outward-curving tap, ensuring a steady pour. Its robust construction guarantees durability, while the timeless design promises to be a focal point for years to come.


Invite the spirit of Dionysian mirth into your abode with this classic brass fountain spout—an heirloom piece that transcends time, celebrating the enduring allure of Greco-Roman art and culture.

Brass Bacchus Fountain Spout - Greco-Roman Wine God Wall Accent

  • Measurements

    7.5" H x 6" W 

    Spout 6.25"

  • Condition

    Very good, patination and age-related wear. (refer to pictures)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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