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Discover the grandeur of the Baroque era with this Towle Silverplate Creamer, marked 2963. Renowned for their legacy in fine silver craftsmanship, Towle Silversmiths have produced a piece that exudes both luxury and historical charm.


This creamer stands on elegant, detailed feet—a feature that not only adds to its stability but also its decorative allure, making it a striking display piece. The ornate design, with its intricate embossed scroll and floral motifs, reflects the lavish artistic tendencies of the period, while the scalloped edges and dramatic curves contribute to its majestic silhouette.


Created in the early 20th century, a period celebrated for its elaborate silverware, this creamer is a silverplated treasure that captures the essence of its time. The Towle hallmark assures its authenticity and quality, marking it as a collectible item that will enchant antique enthusiasts and silverware collectors alike.


With its footed base and baroque styling, this Towle creamer is not only a functional vessel for serving but also a magnificent piece of artisanship to be admired and valued for generations.

Baroque Style Towle Silver Footed Creamer or Pitcher

  • Measurements

    9" H x 6.5" W x 9" D

  • Condition

    Good, obvious signs of tarnish that you can easily polish up. (refer to photos)

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.

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