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Circa 1900-1920

Oil on board


Antique landscape oil painting of The Ford, Scribers Lane, Hall Green Signed G Willis-Pryce


This a wonderful antique oil painting of The Ford, Scribers Lane, Hall Green signed by the artist G Willis-Pryce. This depicts The Ford in Scribers Lane in Birmingham, England - provenance is on the back.

George Willis-Pryce (1866-1949) was a British oil painter known for his atmospheric landscapes and seascapes, particularly those depicting the rugged coasts of Cornwall and Devon. He was born in Wales and studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Willis-Pryce exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Society of British Artists, and his work was well-received by both critics and the public. Willis-Pryce's style was heavily influenced by the French Impressionists, particularly Claude Monet, and he used loose, painterly brushstrokes and a vibrant palette to capture the changing moods of the sea and sky. He was also interested in the effects of light and shadow, and often painted en plein air to capture the nuances of the natural world. In addition to his landscapes and seascapes, Willis-Pryce also painted portraits, still lifes, and genre scenes. He was a member of several prestigious art societies, including the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and his work is represented in many public and private collections.

Antique landscape oil painting of The Ford, Scribers Lane - by G Willis-Pryce

  • Measurements

    14" W x 16.75" H

  • Condition

    Very good, there is some minor wear on the frame and painting.

    Gilt Frame is not original to the painting but it is period appropriate. (refer to pictures)

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     Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.