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Step into the nostalgic charm of an authentic English pub with our exquisite Brass Wall Plaque, featuring a captivating and evocative pub scene. Meticulously crafted from premium brass, this art piece brings the heartwarming ambiance of a traditional pub right into your home.


The charming design portrays a cozy pub interior, complete with wooden beams, dimly lit lanterns, and patrons engaged in jovial conversations. This exquisitely detailed brass relief captures the essence of a bygone era, evoking feelings of camaraderie, warmth, and the timeless allure of British hospitality.

Antique Brass Wall Plaque Of A Captivating English Pub Scene

PriceFrom $75.00
  • Measurements

    15" Diameter

    22.5" Diameter

  • Condition

    Good, oxidation has created this beautiful patina that adds character and charm to this piece (refer to photos) 

  • No returns or exchanges

    Buyer can contact seller about any issues with an order.